My story

Hi! I am Sapna Vyas Patel.

Few years back, my weight was 86kg due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. I was happy with my educational progress but something was holding me back – My Fitness. I rolled up my sleeves and decided to get fit. I lost 33 kg of my weight in the span of one year without any pills, surgery or crash dieting. The most important thing is that I did it without having any regrettable side effects such as stretch marks, loose skin or dark circles.

Few words motivated me to lose weight. When I was with my niece, someone walked up to me and said, “Your daughter is very cute”. I was just 19. Yes Nineteen. I asked myself that “Do I look like a mother of a three year old”? I was hurt and shaken. I rolled up my sleeves and decided to get fit. And I lost 33 kg in one year.

Healthy lifestyle is the secret of my transformation. I have modified my lifestyle with smart eating and regular exercise. From last two year, I am successfully maintaining weight by balancing the calorie intake and consumption.

Now I motivate and help people lose weight without any monetary gain. I made a YouTube video of my weight loss transformation to motivate others for adopting a Healthy Lifestyle. It got 300000+ views from 147 countries in just 5 weeks. Through my experience I want to convey that if I can do it, others can do it too. Impossible is nothing against our will.

This effort is on since November 2010. You can subscribe me on Facebook to get my